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Functional Testing

Functional testing is a valuable tool to identify possible hormonal imbalances, your nutritional status and potential pathogens (the bad guys!) which may be present and may be contributing to your poor health.

Tests are an efficient way to find the root cause of underlying issues which can be resolved with diet and lifestyle recommendations.  If you wish to take advantage of these tests, guidance on the results will be provided during your consultation. I only use reputable laboratories. The costs will be in addition to your consultation fees.

How it works?

Many of the tests are quick to do, can be carried at home and returned to the laboratory in the post. They usually involve providing a blood (finger prick), saliva, stool or urine sample. Some tests require blood to be taken and are carried out at specific clinics. Details on request.

Tests Available:

  • Allergy/intolerance Testing – Tests for common reactions to dairy, gluten and other foods.

  • Female Hormone Profile – Measure the levels of progesterone and oestrogen to identify any imbalances. 

  • Genomics testing - I work with Lifecode Gx to offer genetic testing for clients with autoimmune conditions, mood disorders and difficulty losing weight. I currently offer this alongside existing packages, however, specific testing packages will be released soon. 

  • Stool test -This comprehensive analysis evaluates digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients, gut flora,  parasites, yeasts and pathogenic bacteria, and inflammation.

  • Thyroid Screen – Thyroid function and helps the early detection of thyroid disease by measuring thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, T4, free T3) and antibodies.

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