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About me

I have seen first-hand the power of food and environment on physical health having grown up on a farm in rural Ireland with the Atlantic Ocean a hop, skip and a jump away.  I benefited from a diet of organic home grown fruits and vegetables, meat and fish; raw milk straight from our dairy cows (including Polly!). Fresh air from endless hours spent outdoors in all weathers also sustained my good health.

Fast forward 15 years, living in a busy city and focused on my career, I was starting to feel a loss of vitality with gut issues and psoriasis becoming more prominent. 

After years of using steroids to try and manage my psoriasis with my doctor saying that it was "just something I had to live with", I knew there must be another way. That solution turned out to be nutritional therapy which I discovered through a recommendation from a friend.

My nutritionist was understanding and supportive and got to the root cause of my gut issues.

Working on my gut health improved my psoriasis and also led to some unexpected benefits when my eyesight improved substantially! I was so inspired, I wanted to share my passion for nutrition with others. I completed my Nutritional Therapy degree at the University of West London becoming a registered nutritionist. I am also a clinical hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner. I use my knowledge to help you achieve your health goals.

I work online so you just need an internet connection! Book a call back by clicking on the link below and we can have a chat about your health concerns and what you want to achieve. 


+44 7792 232 592



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